Will Simone Biles compete in the beam final? MyKayla Skinner thinks “yes”



Simone Biles has retired from every individual event final at the 2021 Olympics as she is dealing with a case of twisties. Biles had qualified for the all-around, vault, uneven bars, floor exercise and balance beam, but he has retired all but one so far.

The only event Biles has not withdrawn from is the Balance Beam. It will be the last women’s gymnastics event at the 2021 Olympics and will take place on Tuesday.

Biles has given no indication of what she might do for the event, but one of her teammates believes the greatest gymnast of all time will return to action.

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MyKayla Skinner said on Sunday that Biles “will probably still compete” in the Olympics. When asked if she thought Biles was going to make the beam final, Skinner said yes but added a caveat.

“I think so. Yes,” Skinner said, according to “PEOPLE” magazine. “I’m not sure. It’s kind of up to her to decide. So that’s the game plan.”

Whatever Biles does, Skinner has been impressed with the way Biles has handled his challenges during the Olympics so far.

“She’s been so awesome the last few days,” Skinner said. “And after everything she’s been through, it’s really cool to see how strong she is. I’m like, ‘How are you so strong after all of this?’ Like, I’d be in my room screaming every night. So just to see how amazing she is with everything and all the horrible comments and how people respond to her – she’s definitely a strong cookie. really inspired me in so many ways. “

Biles didn’t just inspire Skinner. She also ensured that the 24-year-old gymnast, who came to the Olympics as an individual competitor, didn’t miss an opportunity to compete for a medal.

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Skinner failed to advance to any event final at the Olympics. As such, she was preparing to leave Tokyo, but Biles made sure Skinner didn’t return home early.

“I was actually kind of going to take a plane home,” Skinner told reporters on Sunday. “I didn’t expect all of this to happen. I was like, ‘They are doing fine. [without me], they’re going to be good. ‘ And then, Simone was on the floor after the team finals and had said to Cécile: “You have to text MyKayla to make sure she doesn’t come home in case she needs to intervene.” “

Obviously, it was necessary. Skinner replaced Biles in the vault, as she was the best backup in the event. She managed to win silver in the final and Biles was one of her many teammates cheering her on.

“It’s so weird, because I’m not used to seeing her in the stands, you know?” Skinner told reporters after the jump final. “So it was really cool to see her love and support and cheer us on. And I knew she was going to be the loudest tonight because she was like, ‘I want you to be on the podium. I want you to win a medal. ‘”

Now Skinner is hoping Biles has a chance to return to the podium. Biles will make a decision regarding the balance beam in the next few days, but whatever happens Skinner knows Biles will be fine.

“I think she’s very tough mentally and physically,” Skinner said. “So I think whatever happens I think she’ll just let it go and go on living [the] amazing Simone that she is. “



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