Why GTA 3 is the best aged GTA trilogy game


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has arrived, and it is remastering three classic games for modern generation gaming systems. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Often received praise for its stylistic encapsulation of ’80s Miami and eye-catching aesthetic. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Also receives a lot of applause for its intricate game mechanics, gripping storyline, and unforgettable missions. However, Grand Theft Auto 3 is also a title of vital importance in the history of video games, although it is often eclipsed by its successors.

With the recent remaster of the RGT trilogy, GTA 3 had the opportunity to bask in the limelight again. Hopefully, this will give the game the opportunity to find as much public adoration as its successors. In addition to launching the RGT As a franchise in mainstream popularity, the original game also features some well-made aspects that have allowed the game to age much better than the titles that have followed it.


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GTA 3 – Claude the silent protagonist

grand theft auto 3 claude shotgun

One of the most remarkable features of Grand Theft Auto games is the wide array of interesting characters that are on display. Each title in the series has featured eccentric characters like Trevor Philips or villains like Officer Frank Tenpenny that gamers love to hate. Within this crazy cast, GTA 3The protagonist stands out because he is completely silent. All along GTA 3Throughout recess, Claude doesn’t say a word as he embarks on his mission of revenge. This is referenced in San Andreas where Carl Johnson calls Claude a tongueless serpent.

Although it might seem strange to Claude at first, keeping him mute is a great choice. While protagonists such as CJ and Tommy Vercetti continue to show their age through the dated language they use, Claude remains timeless by simply shutting his mouth. Therefore, players of any year can jump into GTA 3 and identify with Claude without having the impression of dealing with a character unrelated to another era. Silent Claude remains an ordinary man, even if he is a little more prone to crime than most.

GTA 3 has less bloat

claude trilogy GTA 3

With each new entry into the RGT series, a slew of new features are added. Most of these features are beneficial and increase the freedom of the players. This includes the ability to change clothes, get a tattoo, and go to the barber for a stylish haircut. However, a number of features have also been added which seem to detract from the gaming experience.

Many of these features are found in GTA San Andreas. This is to be expected because San Andreas is by far the most daring and ambitious title in the trilogy. San Andreas has light RPG elements that were amazing at the time of the game’s release. If CJ eats too much he becomes overweight which slows down his running speed, while exercise helps him gain muscle. Spending time riding a bike will improve CJ’s cycling skills, and improving riding skills will be achieved by dedicating a few hours of riding. While these features may seem wonderful at first, in practice they do little to increase the fun factor of the game. Getting CJ to gain weight and maintain his weight takes a lot of effort, just like maintaining a. muscled body. In the end, it’s easier to forget about those mechanics that add an unnecessary layer of complexity.

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Fortunately, GTA 3 doesn’t have any of that bloating, and it works for the benefit of the game. Claude doesn’t need to eat, he doesn’t need to go to the gym, and he isn’t juggling girlfriends like CJ in San Andreas. Claude just needs his health high enough to face the next mission, and he sometimes has to stop at his safe house to save his progress. The streamlined gameplay, in the end, allows GTA 3 age more gracefully than his successors.

GTA 3 tells a timeless story

Donald Love and Claude from GTA 3 Definitive Edition

Insofar as San Andreas has one of the most compelling and daring stories available in the game, it’s also a very time-bound story that draws on historical events and certain moments in American history. The riots that take place in the game are an allusion to the 1992 LA riots, while the tension between the Grove Street Families and other gangs mimics the effects of the crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s. it is certainly commendable for a video game to address social issues and historical events, it has the effect of dating the game. As time passes and older generations give way to the news, the The impact of the events referred to is lessened and new social issues come to the fore.

The same problem arises with City of vice. While it beautifully captures a moment in time through its stellar visuals and soundtrack, many of those finer details and movie references can be lost on a new generation who haven’t been exposed to these influences. cultural. Therefore, while the game offers a good look at Miami, it might not be what modern Miami gamers are familiar with.

In comparison, GTA 3 seems to be less bogged down by dated references and attempts to capture specific moments in time. While there are obvious references to gangster movies such as The Godfather, the parody of New York that is presented is one that still resonates as much today as it did decades ago when GTA 3 was originally published. New York is still the same bustling city that requires street intelligence to navigate, the cityscape is ruled by the law of survival of the fittest, and there’s still a seedy underground world just below the hypercapitalist surface.

The wonderful thing is that the remastered RGT trilogy presents the three games. Therefore, players can jump into their preferred title, whether GTA 3, GTA Vice City, Where GTA San Andreas. However, for those who tend to overlook GTA 3 because it’s the oldest title in the trilogy, maybe it’s worth giving this gem a second chance.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. Android and iOS ports are expected to be released in early 2022.

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