Week 5 Rankings and Reactions – The Balance Beam Situation


Week 5 Top 25

Note: These rankings include Monday’s fixtures because, you know, they’ve already happened. They will therefore differ from the official classification of week 5, which does not include the meetings of Monday.

1. Michigan 198.035
2. Oklahoma 197.640
3. Utah 197.540
4. Florida 197.535
5. USL 197.258
6. Minnesota 197.225
seven. Auburn 197.185
8. Alabama 197.090
9. Missouri 196.994
ten. Kentucky 196.925
11. cal 196.819
12. denver 196.790
13. Oregon State 196.625
14. Arkansas 196.544
15. state of michigan 196.470
16. UCLA 196.300
17. Iowa 196.242
18. BYU 196.175
19. Stanford 196.063
20. Arizona State 196.050
21. Utah State 196.010
22. ohio state 195.985
23. West Michigan 195,800
24. Boise State 195.688
25. Southern Utah 195.650
26. North Carolina 195.545
27. Illinois 195,500
28. Towson 195.338
29. Kent State 195.331
30. Georgia 195.300
31. West Virginia 195.269
32. Penn State 195.255
33. San Jose State 195.238
34. Washington 195.200
35. Nebraska 195.145
36. NC status 195.131

What is a good score?

Michigan’s basically unprecedented score of 198.525 over the weekend – the highest team score since 2004 and the highest road score ever in college gymnastics – reignited my question about what actually constitutes a competitive scoring in the 2022 season. When Utah scores 197.7 with a count drop and Oklahoma scores 198 even with a jump spin which is tied for their worst score on this event in nine yearsit is clear that typical expectations need not apply.

But what is it really about here? How good is a 197 this year? Is it useful? What are the teams trying to do?

This season, for the very first time, he would have to take an NQS out of 196 just to finish in the top 36 and qualify for regionals. Scores are on track to clear last season’s 195.769 threshold, and the NC State team currently sitting on the bubble are averaging 195.131, a score that would have seen them rank 8 spots higher at this point. in each of the past three seasons. Based on how things have changed over the past 10 years between now and the end of the season for teams in this area of ​​the standings, this would put this season’s projected regional threshold somewhere around 196,300.

Similarly, current scores would indicate an SQL of approximately 197.150 required to finish in the top 16 (seeded at Regionals) and an SQL of 197.900 to finish in the top 8 (seeded to advance to Nationals). Right now I’m leaning towards the low end of the range with these because we’ve got a week less in the regular season this year than most years and because of COVID game cancellations messing up plans (and because 197.900 ????????), we will see.

With these benchmarks in mind, I give teams a X for each score they currently have that reaches each level. As long as NQS runs as normal this season, you’ll want to find yourself in six weeks with at least four countable scores at the desired level to feel safe and dandy. By next week, many teams should have enough scores to start making real NQS projections.

Top 8 score
Top 16 score
36 high scores
Oklahoma xxx XXXX XXXXX
Florida X xxx XXXXX
USL X X xxx
Minnesota X X xxx
Alabama XX XXXX
Missouri X XXXX
Kentucky XX xxx
cal X XXXX
denver X XXXX
Oregon State X xxx
Arkansas X xxx
state of michigan XXXX
UCLA X xxx
Iowa XX
BYU xxx
Arizona State X
Utah State xxx
ohio state XX
West Michigan
Boise State X
Southern Utah XX
North Carolina X
Illinois X
Towson X
Kent State
West Virginia
Penn State X
San Jose State X
Nebraska X
NC status
Iowa State
george washington
Ball condition
Northern Illinois X

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