USA Men’s Worlds Selection – Final Day – The Balance Beam Situation


It’s the last day of competition before the USA men’s team selection, and it looks like there’s still at least one spot up for grabs.

Here’s where we stand with the highest-rated team average, including Nationals and Day One of Drafts:

Brody Malone 14,500 14,300 14.050 14.525 14,800 14.225
Donnell Whittenburg 13.525 12.925 14,850 14.375 13.875 13.225
Asher Hong 14.433 13.017 14.367 15.033 14,750 12.017
Walker foal 14.083 12,650 14.083 14.517 15.017 13,500
Stephen Nedoroscik 14,450
43.016 41.767 43,300 44.075 44.567 40.950 257.675

And the others then? Moldauer’s failure on pommel horse yesterday did not help his case as he continued to project Nedoroscik’s pommel horse to add 80 billion tenths to the team’s score. He needs hits out there and on the ground today to make the “I’m so, so, so less scary than this team” argument. Meanwhile, Nedoroscik showed on day one that he can be a bit…how did you not fall…and still have a lot of sense for the team, but without 15 he leaves that door wide open.

Paul Judah’s lack of horseback yesterday also hurt him because the United States desperately needs someone who can complement its weaker events – PH and HB – and Judah is theoretically that person.

As for Shane Wiskus, on day one he showed major improvements over the nationals and beat Moldauer in the all-around, which could help bolster his claim as a “you can use me in many places” gymnast. who at least deserves to travel as a replacement.

We are in the warm-ups on the marinated pommel horse. Looks like the live scores haven’t yet been updated to include a location for today’s action.

We start with one of the most important routines of the day with Moldauer on PH – again he was fine but the exit was a serious problem with a major break and a muscle up handstand. It’s hard to make the case for the “safe riding option” with only one really nailed routine out of 4.

Lovvveeeee the lack of scores.

Kensley says only 13,250 for Moldauer.

Judah then comes with another critical routine, and he hits a nice set, nice enough work, good elevation on the horse, hesitation in the handstand before going down. 13,800. It’s not a 14, but it’s a lot higher than what we see in others.

Wiskus lands a solid shot for him on horseback. There will always be a little more leg form and a lack of amplitude in his work on horseback, but he did what he aimed for. 13,550

Colt Walker takes the first bite of last day’s monster pommel, slamming his hip against the pommel and being summarily ejected. He doesn’t really make a team for the pommel horse, but in a team where there may be a “whoever pulls the short straw has to do the horse in TF” situation, everyone’s routine counts there. 12,450

Asher Hong stomps his feet on the horse but somehow manages to stay, a major break there and some ensuing form breaking issues that will destroy his score, but no fall. 12,700.

Nedoroscik finishes the rotation, no issues with his Russian triples on a pommel – major leg breaks on Russian trips, a few overlaps, but he stays with a hit that should get huge numbers.

Waiting on some scores now, but that rotation helped Nedoroscik and didn’t help Moldauer.

It is 15,100 for Nedoroscik. The highest of anyone else was 13,800. It’s going to be tough to knock that score off a team that got the highest score.

Let’s go to the rings. Keep an eye on Waker’s score here as USA would like an extra option to go with Whittenburg and Hong so Malone doesn’t have to do all the events all the time.

Juda – SR – good initial Maltese – plank, high, some hesitation from the hip, up to handstand – jonasson and yamawaki on saddle sit to straddle plank, good – solid hs before going down – DLO 1/1, pike position, blocked landing. Good. It started off solid. 13.450

Wiskus – SR – flat cross stance, only shows two blood vessels – feet get a little low in Maltese stance – yamawaki jonasson in seated l, solid – a little arch in handstand but control good, a little of movement in third – double double dismount, blocked. Good. 13,850

Walker – SR – good plank work to start – just a little pike – a little swing in handstand – yam jonasson to L seated is hit – controls handstand position – double double tuck, small jump back. 13,950.

Hong – SR – smooth cross work – some hesitation in an inverted cross – to a nice straight Maltese, some set-up movement on the next Maltese – generating lots of swing before its descent, control with handstand – double layout double is deep, forward lunge, not its loudest. 13,900

Moldauer – SR – good Maltese – a bit of hip drop in plank – solid iron cross – yamawaki jonasson to cross is well done – still struggles today with elbows on his last handstand – nice double double tuck, stuck landing. 13,700

The next is the safe. USA is looking to see consistency from Hong and Walker here. Hong missed his last Ri Se Gwang warm-up like yesterday. So we’ll see.

Wiskus – VT – solid Kas 1.5, medium jump forward, great distance, some knees. 14,700 is a gigantic chest number, especially for a nonstick.

Walker – VT – handspring randi – a little more control on landing today than day one, good height, medium jump back, some leg crossovers. 14,950

Hong – VT – magic Ri Se Gwang expired, laying it on her hands. It was perfection on day one, but if you feel like you can’t rely on it… 14,000

Moldauer – VT – his usual clean Kas 1.5, not too big on the forward jump. 14,700

A big spin for Walker, showing he can hit his difficulty for the highest jump score. Wiskus also continues to ride steadily. Keep an eye on his team’s possibilities if we only use selection camp totals and ignore nationals. Hong’s advantage over the group diminishes.

Walker starts on PBars. While Hong lets his spot grow tenuous, Walker hasn’t, which he could confirm with plenty here.

Walker – PB – makuts, hit – peach – diam, a little later than usual – beautiful bhavsar – hesitation until headstand, elbow drop – tippelt, good height – healy – stutz, good net position – double front, jump ahead. Not very loud sound but no disasters. Still goes 14,850, which is big.

Hong PB – makuts is good – diam is very nice, stutz is good – the front double 1/2 is glued (is it already finished?)

So Hong gave up the whole start of his routine and went with a score of 4.7 D. 13.950 in total.

Moldauer – PB – 1/2 tuck, solid – makuts, clean – diam, just a little behind – a 1/2 peach back stance – needs muscle to stand after makuts, has an arch and a little movement out of hand – look like he ditched the Fokin today – double 1/2 forward, deep landing, jump back and another step to control. 13,550. Another disturbing score for Moldauer.

Judah – PB – peach, touchdown – diam, only slightly late – mid – bhvsar, smooth – tippelt, a little short on handstand position – front double, stuck landing. Solid. 14,500 is good.

Wiskus – PB – peach 1/2, small step – peach – tuck 1/2, good toes – healy, nice – diam, strong enough – front straddle arms – bhavsar, clean – tippelt, good hs – double front, stuck. Excellent routine.

While Hong and Moldauer go through tough days, Wiskus pulls through with successes. 14,450. Wiskus is ahead of Walker today with a solid chance to stay there.

Hong – HB – Kolman better today – Kovacs caught – tkatchev – inbar, hesitation out of it – doubel double layout, stuck. A very good one for him. 13,150. FIXED BAR SPECIALIST.

Moldauer – HB – tak 1/1, not too bad – tak 1/2, vertical solid – Kolman, touchdown – tkatchev – rybalko, late – DLO 1/1, nice stick. 13,300

Judah – HB – kovacs layout, good – kolman hit but needs to add extra swing after – tkatchev layout and tkatchev are good – tak – tak 1/2, pretty solid today – DLO 1/1, a little pike, landing blocked. 1:65 p.m.

Wiskus – HB – Kolman, got his hands on it – kovacs, hit – tkatchev and tkatchev layout, solid – tak 1/1, quite late – tak 1/2, also late – DLO 2/1, very nice stick. 13,650

Walker – HB – tak 1/1, quite late – tak 1/2, twisted with a leg split – kolman kits – kovacs – tkatchev layout – tkatchev – yam close with pike and legs – DLO 1/1, hop ahead. An adventure. Well 12.850

An event to do, everything remains a mess. Wiskus wins the AA today and has enough buffer for a ground shot to keep him going. Hong’s scores today are certainly no argument, but he has plenty of nationals to fall back on. Still, it looks like a crucial floor routine ahead for him.

Moldauer – FX – He must show this routine 14.7+ – randi, bounce – forward 2/1 full front, small jump – double arab 1/2, big stick – 2/1, stuck – 2.5 to forward, stuck – 3/1 final pass, some side rebounds, just stayed in bounds.

14,200 is good, not great.

Wiskus – FX – full forward to double pike forward, all the way OOB and fully down off the ground – 2.5 to double forward, sits down – double double tuck is stuck – 2/1, stuck – randi punch, hop – 3 / 1, clings to it. 12,700

Well, he was putting himself in such a good position for at least one traveling substitute. Then it happened.

Walker – FX – full forward to double pike forward, big OOB lunge – 2.5 to double forward, another big OOB lunge – forward posed to front 2/1, step – 2/1, hold stick – 3/ 1, rebound. 13,650

Hong – FX – double full forward pike, bounce forward, stay inside – DLO 2/1, back lunge OOB – full forward double forward tuck, right strike, back up – 2.5 to forward tuck, folds a layout with a jump – 3/1, small bounce.

Well, it was one day. We are waiting for Hong’s score now. On the way to the number machine.

Highest scoring teams (with Malone/Whittenburg locked):

Average score over 4 days of national championships and selection camp—Malone, Whittenburg, Hong, Walker, Nedoroscik

Average rating over 2 days of selection camp only—Malone, Whittenburg, Walker, Nedoroscik, Moldauer

If we go into other variants…

Average of top 2 routine scores over 4 days of nationals and selection camp—Malone, Whittenburg, Hong, Walker, Nedoroscik

Highest individual score on each apparatus over the 4 days of Nationals and Selection Camp – Malone, Whittenburg, Walker, Nedoroscik, Moldauer


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