US Women’s Selection Camp – Day 2 – The Balance Beam Situation


We come to the final day of the USA Women’s World Team with perhaps the clearest picture of what the World Team should be… ever? Shilese Jones, Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, Skye Blakely and Leanne Wong were the only athletes to place in the top 3 at an event yesterday, and these five also made up the top performing team heading into the competition . (What that says about the diminishing depth of the U.S. women’s program is another issue.)

So what are today’s extra performances at 2 events even about?

-Leanne Wong. While Wong placed in the top 3 on bars yesterday, she finished just half a tenth ahead of Lexi Zeiss in the all-around due to a difficult floor routine (and a beam score that was not particularly high). She’ll be looking for a beam shot that scores comfortably in the 13 today just to say, “…but we’re good, right?” Look at the D score there. She got 5.2 yesterday. Full credit for what she tried would have been 5.5. You could have gone down to 4.7 yesterday if you wanted to be a total asshole about it.

-Skye Blakely. Even though Blakely caught the beam in her most important routine yesterday, the fact that she still recorded a top-3 score on the beam with a major error speaks volumes about her ability to contribute to a usable score. on this event. But she will look to erase any doubt with a full blow today.

– Traveling alternative. Lexi Zeiss and Addison Fatta were neck and neck most of yesterday until Fatta’s fall to the ground knocked her behind Zeiss in the AA and made Zeiss look like a plane ticket. Today, Fatta is one of the few athletes to compete in FX in one of her two events, hoping to show she can perform a floor routine and her overall AA scoring potential is superior. to that of Zeiss.

Only Fatta and Disidore opt for BB/FX today. Everyone is UB/BB. No vaults.

Random Grind is ON FIRE today.

Looks like the two people doing the floor today (Fatta and Disidore) are warming up first. And they each have 900 minutes? Looks like we have a delayed warm-up and timing not ready to start. Maybe they were looking at the wrong clock.

Disidore – FX – double double is hit, chest down, slide back – FTDT, fairly secure landing, again chest down – double jump full – wolf double around – switch 1/2 – 1 .5 in the full front, steps, a few knees – popa – the bounce she does after each dance element makes it look like they were all meant to be 1/2 turn more and they were dramatically below – double pike, bigger bounce.

Fatta – FX – 2.5 for double tuck, rebound, keep it in bounds – DLO, hit today, low element but around with a little back slide – double wolf – full split jump – forward 2/1, kinda undershot, crossed walk. Strike today. We’ll see how the score compares to yesterday’s Zeiss FX (13.2). If we get scores. Who can say.

12,950 for Disidore.

13.700 for Fatta and 8.300 execution score. HAPPY HOUR STARTS AT 5. That’s a big score for her in terms of putting her ahead of Zeiss right now in the best of two days. Fatta’s best floor score this year was 13.150.

Rotate 2

Jones – UB – stalder full to stalder shap to tkatchev is nice, a bit of elbows on tkatchev catch – full toe, solid end position to stalder tkatchev pike to pak – van leeuwen, a bit of legs – 1/2 toe to the giant front double up front, back up. Good. 14,600

Blakely – UB – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, strike – Ricna to pak, leg split, strike – full toe with leg split to van leeuwen, strike – double front 1/2 out, good stick. Attractive. 14,200

Meanwhile, Jade Carey had greater tilt correction on a side aerial to the beam but was otherwise solid. His 1/2 side cross jump is back in the routine and closer to the required technique than at the nationals – double pike, step back. 13,000

Matthews – UB – full toe, late but connected in stalder form, barely and she can’t really get her hands on form and peels off – picks up with stalder shap to stalder tkatchev, nice – jaeger, clean – pak, good amplitude – van leeuwen, clean – toe on – DLO, chest down, hop. Pretty after the fall.

This Blakely bars score is important because it beats Wong’s on day one.

Neal – BB – go to 1/2 split jump, a little short on the split – bhs bhs loso, lots of knees on the bhs, secure – side jump to split, secure – L turn, around – airy, solid control – lateral somi, small lean – double pike, super deep and seated. 12,400

Chilis – UB – full toe to piked tkatchev to pak, high and clean – maloney to gianger, just a little close – a little short on hs up – piked jaeger, hit – bail to toe shoot – strong casting final hs – FTDT, little bounce. Overall stronger handstand positions than his last routines. 2:25 p.m. Which is lower than yesterday, although I thought this one was better.

Zeiss – BB – bhs mount, hit – bhs loso loso, feet, secure – wolf double, smooth – side aerial, feet, hit – split jump to sissone, rushed a bit in position – switch 1/2, check – aerial, knees, arm wave correction – double tuck, step back. Good. 13,400

Wong – BB – move to full wolf jump, connected today, mostly spin around – bhs loso, smooth – L turn, and do it full spin today – switch ring, small bounce – aerial, well done to hold it unchecked since she was a little under – air lateral, small move – lateral somi, hit – 2.5 dismount a little leg crossover, not sideways. It was the hit she needed. 13,750

Disidore – BB – drop on loso mount – bhs loso series, lots of leg shape and a second drop – switch, pause before switch 1/2, under, check before korbut – side somi, cling to it – side aerial with a check – full turn – switch sides – double pike, rebound. 10,500

Wong helped herself with that 13.750 on beam, tying for the highest score on beam in camp. Blakely also showed a usable bar score. And Zeiss and Fatta are both doing what they have to do.

Carey beam score adjusted from 13 to 12.9. But she remains just ahead of Wong on the 2-day beam average.

To have 1.3 routines, this competition will definitely take a long time.

Rotate 3

Neal – UB – full toe, a little late – maloney to pak, legs together, some feet – van leeuwen, legs – short throw hs – free kick, goes wrong, lands on jaeger


Blakely – BB – triple wolf is around fine – full back tuck, solid – front tuck bhs, hit today with a small step forward – switch to change 1/2, split position OK – air to split, just one few aerial knees, little control – side antenna, feet, secure – double tuck, solid. It was this one.

Blakely with a very good day of 2 events. 14,550. Huge number.

Zeiss – UB – full toe to pak, strike – maloney, legs to gienger, low but caught – ywzhova, some crazy legs – van leeuwen, toe split – FTDT, step back. 13,700

Matthews – BB – nice mount bhs – side antenna at loso, hang on to it today with a lean – triple wolf whack with arm wave – move to split, short of stance, in bhs – aerial correction, knee , arm wave – double tuck, jump back.

Wong – UB – stalder 1/2 to jaeger, nice – full toe to bhardwaj, hits just a little bit form – maloney to pak, solid – van leeuwen, little leg break – DLO, holds the stick. Another strong routine today. She did what she could do.

Carey – UB – Ray, blow – 1/2 to yezhova, solid – shap to high bhardwaj – shap 1/2 – full giant – FTDT, stuck. Good.

Chiles on beam had a little control on the side somi, but otherwise a solid start, a very safe bhs loso loso – switch sides with an arm wave and a lifted leg – just a little jump in place on a double pike .

Wong scores 14.100 on bars, which is below Blakely’s score today, but will maintain his top 3 on bars on average.

13,650 bars for Carey.

Fatta – BB – wolf double, blow – pass into split, some loose legs into split – bhs loso, chest down a bit, hold the little control – air knee, hold it but break the combo while riding to korbut – air side, solid – pass 1/4? – bhs bhs 2/1, bounce.

There is only one routine left today, which is the Jones Beam, which is already locked to yesterday’s team.

But basically the headline is that both Blakely and Wong significantly improved their Day 1 performances on both events, not letting anyone else in.

Fatta at 12.750 on beam.

Jones is on his Arabic today, off line and landed about half a foot on the beam – pass to sissone – bhs loso, step back – switch sides to staddle jump, good rise – split jump 1/2 of side, nice – aerial side, secure – bhs bhs double pike, chest down, step forward.

This isn’t a huge miss for team purposes, as Jones was already on the team and beam is the only event you would rest her in TF anyway. But significant for consistency issues.

Basically, I felt like it was already done with Jones, Chiles, Carey, Wong and Blakely before today, and nothing changed my mind. Blakely had a great day to solidify her spot and Wong improved in both events. I also imagine that Zeiss remains ahead in the race for substitutes by entering his two events today, although Fatta gave him a good run with this score on the floor.

But Blakely’s performance today made who goes into qualifying on what events a much tougher conversation. Bars Today made Carey look like your 5th best bars worker. But also Jones looked like your 5th best beam worker, but you have to put her in the AA because she’s the best.


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