UC Riverside ends men’s basketball 8-game winning streak | Sports


Cal State Fullerton men’s basketball team ended their longest winning streak in a decade after a shocking loss to the UC Riverside Highlanders.

Saturday’s game was the Titans’ first time facing the Highlanders since 2020. The final score was 54-67, leaving Cal State Fullerton 6-1 in the conference and 12-6 overall in the season.

The Titans entered the game on an impressive eight-game winning streak, the team’s longest since the 2011-12 season.

Although it was a shocking loss for the Titans, some players put in a solid performance.

Senior guard Jalen Harris scored a career-high 20 points, shooting 6-13. Junior forward Vincent Lee managed to collect 13 rebounds.

The game got off to a promising start as senior forward EJ Anosike scored his fourth 3-pointer of the conference season early in the game and created a four-point buffer.

But after losing a short-lived lead early in the game, the Titans fell behind and went into a spiral trying to catch the Highlanders.

The Titans fell behind well into the game, giving Riverside a solid 15-point lead late in the first half. The Highlanders were able to hold a double-digit lead over the Titans for the rest of the game.

Impressively, the Titans made 17 of 18 free throw attempts. Still, it wasn’t enough to catch the Highlanders. It felt like there was a lid on the bucket for the Titans as the team shot 16-56 in the overall basket.

In the first half of the game, the Titans gave up eight turnovers, which the Highlanders took full advantage of by scoring 10 points on those turnovers.

The second half was not much different as the Titans gave up nine turnovers and allowed the Highlanders to score 10 more points.

The Titan’s 3-point shooting hasn’t been the strongest over its last two games against UC Davis and UC San Diego. The team went 5-17 in overall 3-point attempts.

Riverside proved to be a tough competition after suffering a loss to Long Beach State last Thursday.

The Highlanders were led on offense by graduate guard Dominick Pickett and junior guard Zyon Pullin as their backcourt collected 33 points together. The Highlander approach seemed to be to attack the basket from inside the arc, as they shot 41.2% from the field.

Both teams had a rather physical outing as they racked up 17 personal fouls each, putting both teams in the double bonus.

CSUF’s next opponent, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, is 2-5 in conference and 5-13 overall this season after losing 48-72 to UC Irvine last Saturday.

Next, Fullerton will face Cal Poly SLO in a home game Feb. 3 at Titan Gym.


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