Two workers die as beam crashes at construction site


Two daily bets have been killed and another seriously injured after an iron beam welded with reinforced bars on the 19th floor of a commercial building under construction in Sector 65 reportedly broke loose, causing a platform to collapse. form, police said Thursday.

According to police, the incident happened around 5 p.m. and the daily bet Saddam Hussain (26), who was then on the 19th floor, came across his death. A second daily bettor, Krishan Saini (21), died on the way to hospital. The third worker – Manoj Saini (24) – was seriously injured in the incident and is undergoing treatment. Mohammad Ali Sairul, an eyewitness to the incident, said he was working on the 20th floor while Saddam was working with Mukhtar Hussain (40) and Mohammad Shahzaan (27) were on the floor below him when the accident happened.

“When the beam broke suddenly, Saddam couldn’t hold on to anything or keep his balance and fell on top of two workers on the second floor. Mukhtar and Mohammad clung to the ledge and held on until we all rushed there and got them to safety,” Sairul said, adding that Saddam and one of the two workers he fell on were dead.

He said Saddam was wearing a seatbelt but there was nothing on the floor to which he could attach his safety harness.

“The temporary platform on the iron girder they were standing on, was extended in the air for more than two meters – it should have only been extended up to one meter. Therefore, he did not could not support the weight of the three men and the building materials, and the beam broke,” he alleged.

Shortly after the incident, senior police officers including Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) Vikash Kaushik arrived at the scene with reinforcements to prevent any public order situation.

“At first glance, it appears there was a malfunction of some safety devices that resulted in the death,” Kaushik said. The CPA said more details would emerge in their further investigation.

Saddam’s eldest brother, Mohammad Shailuddin (30), said he was working on another construction site in Sector 65 when his family members in Harirampur, south of Dinazpur, West Bengal, received a call from the construction site informing them of Saddam’s death and they in turn called him.

“They called me and asked me to rush there. I arrived and found my brother lying dead,” he said.

He alleged that the lack of safety measures at the construction site led to the death of his younger brother.

“He had a five-year-old son. His wife Sabina Yasmin is five months pregnant. Their future is in the dark now,” he said.

Family members and other workers protested at the site for half an hour. Later, the police calmed them down and took the body away for autopsy.

Yasmin said that Saddam was earning about 1,000 to 1,200 a day, after working for almost 12 hours. “He wasn’t feeling well on Thursday morning. But he still went to work at 8:30. He used to give me 3,000 a week for household expenses,” she said.

Yasmin works as a domestic helper in Victory Valley Condominium in Sector 67 and its residents S Sareen, Retired Brigadier, Bhupendra Pratap Singh, Lawyer Daljeet Singh and few others have also reached Sector 65 Police Station to provide assistance to the affected family. Manoj Kumar, director (legal) of property company AIPL, which is constructing the 22-story building, said all safety standards were met at the site. He said workers are photographed every few hours to ensure they are meeting safety standards.


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