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PITTSFIELD, Mass. – The Taconic women’s basketball team won the season opener at home on Monday against city rivals Pittsfield, 56-42.

Faith Cross had a monster game with 25 points and 15 rebounds to help secure Taconic’s victory. Ahliya Phillips had 10 and Alexandra Hudson added six.

It was Taconic’s first girls’ gym game since the program won a state championship share in 2020, and the crowd was ready for basketball.

The Pittsfield and Taconic crowd kept the players energized throughout the game, and the players didn’t disappoint in providing the entertainment. It was a very energetic start, especially for Pittsfield on defense.

The generals forced Taconic to take some tough shots and managed to force turnovers all over the pitch. The only thing missing was the shot in the first quarter, but it accelerated as the game progressed. Pittsfield finished the quarter with an 11-8 lead.

Taconic continued to struggle early in the second quarter, going almost five minutes without a point. That first point came from a free throw, and from that point the tide started to turn. Taconic then went on a 12-0 run to end the quarter and take a 20-13 lead until the break.

“We needed this half-time race,” said Taconic coach Matt Mickle. “We were in trouble and the girls were frustrated both by the crowd and by the fact that it was our first game and things were not going as well as we wanted.”

It seemed like this race was all Taconic needed to get started. He kept that momentum going through the break and into the third quarter. He scored 20 points on his own in the third quarter, tying his first-half total. Faith Cross also tallied eight of her 20 points over the quarter and it seemed like every time Pittsfield started to come back into the game she had a response downstairs to stop the run.

“Faith was a monster tonight,” said Mickle. “I think she was 25 and 15 with a few blocked shots mixed up. I can’t express how much of a player she was tonight and how much she means to us. I hope for a big season for her. We have to. just make sure we can keep giving him the ball. ”

Pittsfield didn’t completely go away as the Generals gave Taconic a few more points, cutting the lead to as little as eight, but Taconic turned out to be too much and was able to hold out. Randi Duquette led Pittsfield with 16 points, followed by Jamie Duquette with 10.

Taconic (1-0) will face Chicopee Comp on Thursday, while Pittsfield (0-1) will host Holyoke on the same day.

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