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CF Gymnastics Classes at CrossFit Cielo, 405 Center Drive, Suite G, Superior, 303-520-2641,

Instructor: Bailey Wright competed as a gymnast for 13 years before becoming a coach. She taught CrossFit to children and earned her Level 1 CrossFit certification. While working out at another gym years ago, Wright met Dave Kim and the couple opened CrossFit Cielo at their current location. four years.

What is the training? A gymnastics-focused muscle conditioning workout for adults.

Gymnastics, basically, is about bodyweight training. You don’t often find gymnasts pumping iron at the local gym. Instead, they usually work on technique, muscle conditioning, and skills that help them fly through the air or around the bar. Sure, bodybuilders lift heavy weights, but can they lift the weight in a pear tree?

Students who are at CrossFit Cielo are looking for workout instructions that will help them live a more fulfilling and active lifestyle, with long-term gains. Gymnastics training works on functional skills and muscle building which creates a solid foundation for other exercises.

“We’re still going to do some sort of static stretching, we’re still going to do some kind of conditioning, bodyweight and a lot of core,” Wright said, “and then I like to do straight gymnastics skills.”

Wright does not stick to a specific program.

“I mix things up as much as possible, while still incorporating these essentials,” Wright said. “We have to get our conditioning, get our skills and get the flexibility.”

What is different? I have been to many CrossFit gyms, and most of them only offer CrossFit classes. At Cielo, the instructors offer a variety of well-rounded courses. Apart from the regular CrossFit classes, there are training, strength training, weight lifting, mobility, Pilates and gymnastics classes. This breaks the schedule, allowing people to rest between heavy lifting days while working on conditioning and flexibility.

The studio is aimed at people new to CrossFit who are looking for a place open to all. Wright and Kim teach most of the classes together, resulting in two instructors among a small group of students.

“We made a vow that we were going to focus on being an injury-free gym,” Wright said.

Cost: The first course is free. There is currently a special offer that gives students a week of unlimited lessons for $ 15. A 10-class pass costs $ 170. All subscriptions offer unlimited lessons and vary in price depending on the length of the subscription. The 12 month unlimited subscription is $ 149 per month.

Level: Anyone can take this course. Most adults don’t have gymnastics experience, so new students won’t feel out of place.

“It’s a fun class that can really be for anyone at any level,” said Wright, “because like CrossFit it can be changed.”

At CrossFit Cielo, everyone does their own thing and works at their own pace. There is no way to compare yourself to others.

When: The one-hour course takes place on Tuesdays at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

What to prepare: Workout clothes you can move around and stretch in. No shoes are worn during the lessons.

Muscles worked: It’s the whole body with a lot of core work and shoulder exercises. Pain will vary. I have tight hamstrings so I had hamstring pain for days.

What I loved: I loved that the studio offers more than CrossFit classes. Gym memberships don’t come cheap, and it’s hard to justify paying for a gym that doesn’t tick all the boxes. I also liked the attention to form without the pressure to push myself too hard.

What I did not like : Glad I got there early as it took me a while to find the place and my maps app took me to Costco. There is a sign on the gymnasium facing the street, but I couldn’t see it at night. At the back of the building where the students park, there was no sign that I could easily see.

How I felt after class: I felt flexible and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the movements. Not so much with others.

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