Suni Lee earns her first perfect college score on balance beam (video)


Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee has already made NCAA history twice during her freshman year at Auburn competing in gymnastics.

Friday night in a game against Kentucky, Lee made history by making his Nabieva debut for the first time in NCAA history. The skill is rated G, which translates to the most difficult gymnastic skills.

The Nabieva, named after Russian gymnast Tatiana Olegovna Nabieva who introduced the skill, involves lying vertically on the high bar, swinging, then stepping over the bar backwards and then grabbing it again , according to Yahoo! Sports.

Lee received a 9.875 on the uneven bars with this routine.

However, Lee then headed for the balance beam. It was there that she scored the first perfect 10 of her young career.

While playing in a collegiate environment isn’t the same as an Olympic stage, Lee’s popularity has sold out at Auburn Arena this season.

“It’s so fun for me, because growing up watching college gymnastics…you always knew what to expect,” Lee said, by USA today. “When I go there, I don’t want people to know what I’m going to do.”

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