Squid Game Star Reveals How Bodybuilding Helped Him Get Bigger


At the height of squid game infatuation, Wi Ha Joon wowed the public with his swoon-worthy article in Men’s Health Korea magazine.

Due to its growing popularity, it has graced several publications such as Dazed Korea, W Magazine, and endorsements from fashion brands such as Burberry, TAG Heuer, Under Armour, etc.

Apart from magazine endorsements and appearances, Wi Ha Joon has also starred in K-drama. bad and crazy opposite Hallyu star Lee Dong Wook.

With that, Wi Ha Joon never fails to mesmerize her fans with her undeniable charms and stunning visuals.

Wi Ha Joon Workout: How To Get Fit Like The squid game Star?

In an interview with Men’s Health magazine, the 31-year-old star shares her exercise routine and dishes about her passion for fitness and working out.

Wi Ha Joon’s workout routine focuses on strength training, which helps him build muscle.

“I’ve been building muscle with bodyweight training since I was in the military,” he said, as obtained by Zapzee.

Additionally, the actor also shared how dedicated he is to working out and “usually hits the gym five days a week.

During the pandemic, when fitness centers like gyms were forced to close temporarily, Wi Ha Joon said he would do home workouts and check various YouTube videos for different exercise routines.

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Wi Ha Joon’s K-drama lineup

After squid game and bad and crazyWi Ha Joon is expected to star in multiple series.

He will join Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo in the soon-to-be-released novel series. Little womanairing on Netflix on September 3.

Adding to the list of his upcoming projects, he will also star in the action-packed K-drama The worst evil with Ji Chang Wook as well as Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee’s Project K also known as Gyeongseong creature.

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