Spotlight on Morris Joseph Jr.: “Passionate about the game”


Joseph is a proud graduate of West Orange-Stark High in Texas, a perennial contender in the world of high school football in the Lone Star State.

“I’ve played football all my life,” he said. “I’m from Texas and it’s just a way of life there. You grew up there and I come from a family of footballers. I was originally a basketball player growing up, but Earl Thomas (an All-American in Texas and a 2010 Seattle first-round pick who played 10 seasons in the NFL with the Seahawks and Ravens) is my cousin. germain and once he was successful in the NFL, it flipped a switch with me and it felt more realistic, so I locked football out after that.

“Basketball was my first love, but I locked myself in football my sophomore year of high school. I started to get more serious and recruiting started to pick up. I still loved basketball, but I didn’t have much time to spend in the basketball court – I was always on the court.

“I lost two games my entire time in high school. I went to the winningest high school in the state of Texas, and a lot of guys came out of it. Our senior and junior year, we won championships. back-to-back state, and my second year, we lost in the state championship game. As a senior, I think we only gave up 69 points all season, while we scored more than that. thousand and I was the MVP – it was a really cool year.

“What made my high school special was that the whole team grew up playing with each other, so it was planned for all of us. We all knew the goal, we knew what we wanted and we have worked hard enough to achieve it.

Joseph also had a terrific career at Memphis, earning American Athletic Conference honors last season. In three years, he recorded 117 tackles, 18.0 tackles for loss and 10.5 quarterback sacks, and was part of some great moments for Memphis Tiger football.

“The 2019 season at the Cotton Bowl was an exciting year,” he recalled. “The Cotton Bowl was fun and a good time. We had a lot of great games that season, we had College GameDay in Memphis when we played SMU – those were great experiences.

“I first signed at UTSA and played a game there, but I transferred to junior college at Iowa Western. It went pretty well. I had a dominant season there and played with some great guys.

“I went to Memphis because they believed in me – it was a no-brainer when I went there, what it felt like and how the coaches understood me. It was a longer road than some, but it It’s all God’s plan. And now here I am.


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