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The main Pokemon the games have always encouraged their community by the possibility of fighting and exchanging with friends. Trading allows players to acquire new species of Pokémon, and several species must be traded to evolve. The original Generation I games allowed exchanges with the use of a link cable, which connected the two Game Boys. However, over the years, the introduction and incorporation of the internet into Pokémon games has made the process much more accessible and streamlined.

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For the limitless possibilities offered by trading with friends, each generation has offered players the ability to trade in-game with certain NPCs. While the Pokémon on offer aren’t always the most desirable, there are still plenty to consider.

ten Chatot is an interesting alternative to the usual types of theft

Chatot Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Gen IV games don’t offer the player particularly impressive in-game trades. However, there are two that are certainly usable from the start. While a trainer in Oreburgh City offers the player an Abra in exchange for a Machop (which can be found north of Oreburgh), the player has the option of obtaining a Gen IV Theft-type schemer in Eterna City under the in the shape of a Chatot – all for the low price of a Buizel.

Buizels are easily found on various roads in Sinnoh, including just outside the valley wind turbines, making it an easily accessible business. Chatot is a rare case of a Flying type that favors Special Attack, effectively used by his Chatter movement. Chatot can be used instantly for the Eterna City Gym against the Grass types of Gardenia, and will also be useful against the Fighting types of Maylene at the Veilstone Gym.

9 Trading a Poliwhirl gives the player a useful Jynx in Gen I games

Jynx from the controversial original Pokémon design.

The in-game trades offered in the original games were pretty average. For example, Lickitung and Farfetch’d are nowhere near good enough to be a valued member of a team that beats champions, and many other professions make little or no sense. However, the opportunity to get a Jynx presents itself to Cerulean City, which a trainer offers for his Poliwhirl.

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A Poliwhirl can be caught while using a Super Rod in Celadon City or on Route 10. The alternative is to catch their previous Poliwag form with a Good Rod and train them until he is evolving. Depending on the method chosen to obtain Poliwhirl, the trade can be completed in time to use Jynx for the latest Gym Battles and the Elite Four. Jynx grants the player access to the Gen I Overpowered Psychic-type, with the added bonus of having STAB Ice-type moves as well.

8 Pokémon Yellow uses pro-player trade evolution with Machamp

Pokémon Yellow added new exchanges in the game and improved others of Blue red with the player exchanging a Clefairy for a Mr. Mime instead of an Abra. However, the best that Pokémon Yellow had to offer was the opportunity to use a trade evolution in which the player received a Machoke that immediately evolved into a Machamp.

Cubone is a rare encounter in the Pokémon Tower but well worth it for this trade alone. Ricky the Machamp can be obtained just before the fourth Gym Battle. He can instantly become a full member of any team.

seven Emolga can be obtained in black and white or exchanged for a gigalith in black 2 and white 2


Black 2 & White 2 were widely praised for offering a plethora of differences from the initial Gen V games. However, in terms of in-game trades, they completely knocked out a particular trade. Black White saw a hiker named Manny offer the player an Emolga in exchange for a Boldore, but in Black 2 & White 2 instead, he asks for an Emolga in exchange for a Gigalith – Boldore’s evolved form.

The Gigalith is inflexible by nature, increasing its attack. It’s a valuable addition in time for the flying type gym, but catching an Emolga can prove to be awkward. the Black White The alternative of receiving an Emolga may not seem as appealing as the Gigalith. However, it can still be a fun Pokemon to use with its Flying and Electric double strike.

6 Being able to get Alolan variants of Pokémon Kanto in Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee is a game-changer

Alolan Muk stands behind Muk

The exchanges involved in Pokémon: Let’s go, Pikachu & Let’s go, Eevee took a different approach with the Gen I limited roster, giving players the option to trade original versions of multiple Pokémon in exchange for their Alolan counterparts.

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Not only do most of the Alolan versions of Pokémon Gen I have more dynamic designs, but they also have more interesting and improved type combinations. In particular, the Dark types are particularly useful, as Psychic Pokémon are always incredibly difficult to defeat in Kanto games. Alolan Muk is the exclusive version of Dark-type in Let’s go, Pikachu, while Persian alolan can be obtained by Let’s go, Eevee. Both exchanges can be done before facing off against Sabrina and her psychic types, which makes the battle much more manageable.

5 Rocky the Onix can make the Gen II game start a lot easier

pokemon onix steelix

Onix might well be in great grief for his absurdly underwhelming stats in games, but Pok̩mon Gold and Silver did their best to rectify that. The player can receive an Onix named Rocky by trade from Violet City Рhome of the first Gym Challenge Рfor the small price of a readily available Bellsprout.

Rocky is immediately useful against Gym Leader Faulkner and his flying types, with the Rock Snake Pok̩mon also having significant Type Advantages and Resistance over the following Bug and Normal type Gyms. With Gen II being the introduction of the Steel-types, Rocky the Onix can even evolve later, as long as the player gets a Metal Coat and has a friend to trade with Рthe end result being a bulky Steelix who gains experience.

4 Players can trade any Pokemon they wish on three separate occasions in X and Y

Shauna trades Pokémon X and Y

Pokemon X & Y took it out of the stadium when it comes to in-game trades. Not only is there the incredible Luvdisc-for-Steelix trade, but there are three distinct occasions where the player can trade any Pokemon they want. ‘he has a potentially much better alternative.

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The player can part ways with any Pokémon they no longer want and in return get a Ralts holding a Gardevoirite, an Eevee, and the choice of getting a second of the Kalos, Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie starters. While there are arguably better Pokémon to be received in other in-game trades throughout the franchise, the creativity in the trades themselves cannot be ignored.

3 Hawlucha is a fast power station in ultra sun and ultra moon

Hawlucha is happy after an anime Pokemon battle

While the in-game exchanges offered in Sun Moon are mostly average, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon took the game up entirely with a special trade, where the player can trade a Spearow and get Cha the Hawlucha.

Hawlucha’s speed and substantial physical attack make him a powerhouse, especially early in the game, not to mention his Flying & Fighting double strike, which makes him useful against Hala’s Fighting types and more. Spearow can be caught easily on routes 2 and 3, so there is no problem considering the reward for redeeming it.

2 A shy Togekiss is an exciting prospect in Sword & Shield

Misty's Togepi in Pokemon

Prior to Togekiss’ introduction in Gen IV, Togepi had never been a particularly sought-after Pokémon, beyond its adorable nature and appearances in the anime. However, Togekiss’s final evolution form provided the opportunity to raise a Togepi to become a smug fighter.

In Sword and Shield, the player can get a Togepi through an in-game trade, and all they have to do is part with an easily accessible Toxel. The Togepi received, nicknamed Snips, is shy by nature, which means his increased speed can make Togekiss a dangerous Pokémon to have on any team.

1 Receiving a Steelix for a Luvdisc is one of the best deals a player could hope for

pokemon steelix

In a pleasant shock for Pokémon fans, X & Y presents players with an incredibly tempting in-game trade, which occurs just before the second Gym Battle in Cyllage City. By swapping out a readily available Luvdisc, the player can receive a formidable Steelix, just in time to take on Grant and his Rock types.

This is often referred to as one of the most one-sided trades in the entire franchise, but only in a positive sense as it is in favor of the player. Once he’s learned Bulldoze, whose TM can be found in Lumiose, Steelix can be a powerhouse for Electric, Fairy, and Ice-type gyms.

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