Pauline Schäfer wins silver medal on beam at 2021 Worlds


Germany’s Pauline Schäfer placed second on balance beam at the 2021 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, and she did so while wearing something rarely seen at women’s gymnastics competitions: a unitard. Earlier this year, German gymnasts made their debut with these long-sleeved, long-legged leotards at the 2021 European Gymnastics Championships, and they have worn them in other competitions such as the Tokyo Games. Schäfer participated in the latter and it marked his second Olympics. Unitards make a statement against sexualization in sport and argue that gymnasts should prioritize wearing what they are most comfortable in.

“We want to show that every gymnast can wear whatever they want, so we decided to wear the long leotard,” said Schäfer, 24, 2017 world champion on beam and now three-time world medalist in this event, in an interview. with GymCastic earlier this week. She also participated in the creation of the designs.

Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympian and nine-time world medalist, told a live broadcast on the Olympic Channel that it would have been difficult for her to compete personally in such a leotard as she was used to the classic jersey pattern. one piece bath. . She added, however, that gymnasts should be able to have this option if they wish. Note: According to the rules of the International Gymnastics Federation, gymnasts are allowed to wear both leotards and typical coveralls.

Schäfer finished with a score of 13.8 in the 2021 World Beam Final, and his execution score of 8.4 (which was added to his difficulty score for a total) was the execution score. highest on the beam of the competition. His routine featured a magnificent double twist and a skill named after him in the code of points: a “side somi” with a half twist. She also glued her solid gainer layout.

Coming up, see photos of Schäfer in said unitard at this World Beam Championships final, as well as snapshots of the medal ceremony. It’s the same leotard that she and her teammates wore at the Olympics. Money and a statement – we love to see it!

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