New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks reveal potential details about the game’s Pokédex size and other features


Something has portions of Pokemon community in a tizzy, as several major new leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple began to spread, including key details about the game’s Pokédex and some in-game items.

According to several sources, compiled by several leakers on social networks, S.V. will have a major regional Pokédex that will include several cross-region/generation evolutions, and DLC, something that was suggested earlier this week by another leaker.

A source vaguely indicated that the regional Pokédex was between 300 and 500 Pokémon. That doesn’t really give much information, considering every game since Black 2 and White 2 have featured at least 300 Pokemon in their regional Pokédex listings, but it looks like it could potentially rival that of Alola from Ultra-Sun and Ultra Moon, who had 403 Pokémon in his Regional Dex.

It also looks like the National Dex won’t be making a comeback, although that’s kind of a given based on recent Pokemon titles and the approach Game Freak has taken to pushing Pokemon HOUSE.

Along with the Pokédex details, the various “leaks” have highlighted multiple exclusions and inclusions involving what Pokémon might be missing and a few other rumours:

  • There will be no new Eeveelution
    • Notes Sylveon as the last
  • Joltik, Milotic, Wailord, Metagross, Jynx and Golurk will not appear in game
  • Garchomp will appear in the game
    • A kind of data since some Pokemon Legends: Arceus compatibility is going to be presented at some point

This all coincides with the rumored regional variants of Girafarig and Wooper that were discussed yesterday, as well as other leaked designs that players have been slowly deciphering.

One of the blurrier images in this initial set of leaks has players thinking it might be the mid-evolution of Sprigatito, as it was said that the Grass-type starter would eventually transform to a Grass/Dark type and the imagery matches the base shape. .

The most prominent source, who is yet another Chinese leaker who posts on various forums before having his work moved to Twitter, also clarified that only Pokémon will travel through time. S.V..

Time travel has been a focal point for fans since the game’s most recent trailer was released in early June, with Legendary box art, as well as each game’s exclusive teacher character giving clear clues when playing a factor one way or another. It looks like players, however, won’t be the ones to time travel, but Pokémon will in some form. And, if it’s any consolation, the backer also says the story is good.

As for additional details about the region and the game as a whole, those same rumors note that there will be a total of three towns and nine towns for the as yet unnamed region. Other than that and the potential Gym Leader and NPC leaks we got yesterday, things remain unclear, although we did get some clarification that the gym types would be Bug, Grass, Water, Ice, Normal , Electric, Psychic and Ghost.

As with every series of leaks, especially for a game franchise as big as Pokemonall of these images and rumors are not good for much beyond sparking conversations in the community until Game Freak, The Pokémon Company, or Nintendo confirms the information or the game’s release.


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