Mary Jane’s Gymnastics Training Center Celebrates Summer Olympics All Month – Riverside, CA


Riverside, California 2021-07-28 06:25:03 –

Corpus Christi, Texas – The Mary Jane Gymnastics Training Center in Corpus Christi has started celebrating the 2021 Olympics. This is the first time Mary Jane has hosted a viewing party for the Summer Olympics. Coaches and members say they will continue to support gymnasts chasing gold, although disappointed with Team USA’s latest roster.

“The Olympic year tends to spark new interest in sport,” said head coach Rachel Glover Wrightfoot.

Parents, coaches and aspiring Olympians gathered early in the morning to see the routine of gymnastics in the United States.

“We’re focusing on the Olympics you know to excite them and make them more aware of what’s going on and what’s going on,” Lightfoot said.

Last year, the pandemic suspended the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and canceled initial plans for day camps and surveillance nights.

“We were really confused because the Olympics are like a gymnastics Super Bowl,” said young athlete Peyton Nicholson.

Early Tuesday morning, news reported that Simone Biles had withdrawn from the U.S. gymnastics team final in Tokyo due to medical issues. Athletes and coaches here said they were a bit disappointed with the announcement, but couldn’t help it.

“She’s so sweet, everyone wants to see her and keep looking at her.” I love it, ”said 11-year-old Riel Carilo.

Glover Lightfoot said he can understand the stress that one of the most decorated gymnasts in US history would have felt.

“She was putting a lot of pressure on herself, you know, the hope that she would win and take it all,” she said.

Despite the news, Jim’s teammates and coaches continue to watch.

“When she comes out, another American is drawn into the place, which really makes it more interesting,” Glover-Ligthfoot said.

Mary Jane’s Gymnastics Training Center will be hosting another Championship-wide One-on-One Night on Thursday, July 28, a tournament to showcase the unique talents of each gymnast. Glover Coach-Lightfoot said this is what turns his athletes the most.

Mary Jane’s Gymnastics Training Center celebrates the Summer Olympics throughout the month Mary Jane’s Gymnastics Training Center celebrates the Summer Olympics throughout the month


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