Ion Beam Applications: IBA Annual Report 2021




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World leader IBA 1

Our values 3

IBA in 2021 at a glance 4

Message from Olivier Legrain 6

Patient care, what makes our heart beat 7

1 | Industrial solutions 9

2 | Radiopharmaceutical solutions 15

3 | proton therapy 21

4 | Dosimetry 27

A committed company 31

Management report 44

a. Management statement 45

b. Highlights of the year 45

vs. Events after the end of the reporting period 47

D. Review of IBA business sectors 47

e. Main risks and uncertainties facing the company 50

F. Branches of the company 56

g. Conflict of interest 57

h. Competence and independence of the member of the audit committee 58

I. Corporate Governance Statement 58

J. Codes of conduct 82

k. Non-financial activities report 90

I. Consolidated annual accounts 91

M. Research and development 94

nm Capital increases and issues of stock options and convertible bonds 94

y. Repurchase of treasury shares 94

p. IBA sa statutory accounts and allocation of net income 95

Q. Financial instruments 98

r. Significant acquisitions and divestments in 2020 98

s. General outlook 2021 98

Annual accounts of IBA sa 99

IFRS consolidated accounts 103

a. Presentation 104

b. Statement of consolidated financial position 105

vs. Consolidated income statement 106

D. Consolidated statement of other comprehensive income 107

e. Consolidated statement of changes in equity 108

F. Consolidated statement of cash flows 108

g. Notes to the consolidated financial statements 109

h. Auditor’s report on the consolidated report 174

general informations 179

The stock market and shareholders 182

GRI content index 184

Contact IBA 193



We are a world leader in particle accelerator technology. We design, produce and market innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, and for industrial applications such as the sterilization of medical devices.

Around the world, thousands of hospitals use particle accelerators and dosimetry equipment designed, produced, maintained and upgraded by IBA, as part of our mission to protect, improve and save lives.

Our life-oriented mission and the open relationships we have built with our customers and partners over time, together with our spirit of innovation and our desire to always seek technological and scientific progress, make IBA a scientific company. unique.

We are characterized by a deep human bond which is illustrated by: Life, Science.

Through our four main activities: Industrial Solutions, RadioPharma Solutions, Proton Therapy and Dosimetry, we offer healthcare professionals solutions enabling them to adopt a fully integrated approach to the care of their patients.



How do we work?

At IBA, we believe in a business model that creates shared and lasting relationships long-term value for all our stakeholders.

In constant search of the right balance, we increase our market sharing and return for our shareholders, improving the quality of life of our customers, patients and employees, and contributing to the well-being of our society, while maintaining and restoring the health of our planet.

And we have integrated this partnership approach into our business statutes.

We believe business is a force for good.

Patients / CustomersEmployeesShareholdersPlanetCompany

Why do we do it?



For more than thirty years, IBA has placed the company’s purpose and its project at the heart of its activities, as evidenced by our mission to Protect, enhance and save lives.

In today’s increasingly unstable global economy, we have demonstrated flexibility, adaptability and resilience.

All our activities are directed towards the same objective of making a positive impact on the health of people by providing health care professionals with the most effective and precise solutions for diagnosis and treatment, as well as safe solutions for sterilization. This objective is implemented in different ways that benefit each of the different stakeholders involved.

These are essential to the continued success of our Commercial activities.

In line with emerging technologies, such as proton therapy, the rate of growth may vary from year to year. We were able to compensate for this variability over the past year by delivering improved performance in all business units, where each recorded strong order intake.

We continue to focus on quality and innovation and, thanks to excellent sales in our businesses (Proton Therapy, Dosimetry, Industrial Solutions and RadioPharma Solutions), we manage a growing installed base and therefore focus more on service and upgrades.

Our customers and





their patients:





we develop the most efficient

we offer them quality jobs in a

we promote a

we are continually working to reduce

we show that we are

technology for our customers

stimulating and friendly environment

sustainable entrepreneurship

the environmental impact of

worthy of their trust by being a

so that they can provide the best

guided by ethical values.

business model that serves

our products and operations.

sound financial investment and

diagnosis available and

society while respecting

acting in accordance

treatment for their patients.

limits of our planet.

with our values.


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