Interview: Why Dell’s next-generation PowerEdge servers are a game-changer

Pinnacle’s Ricky Pereira, left, and Peter van der Merwe

There are big the technological changes taking place in the sometimes murky world of server computing, as Pinnacle ICT’s Ricky Pereira and Peter van der Merwe reveal in this episode of the podcast.

Pereira, who is Pinnacle’s Dell Enterprise product manager, and Van der Merwe, a pre-sales engineer, unbox the new line of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and the innovations these workhorses are bringing to a data center near you. you.

Pereira explains why these 15th generation PC servers from Dell are a game-changer, including:

  • New Intel (latest gen Xeon) and AMD (latest gen Epyc) processors and what they can do;
  • More cores, which translates to better performance, including in virtualization – and why it matters;
  • Memory and storage improvements;
  • Faster connectivity with new network controllers;
  • Optional liquid cooling, and why this traditionally gamer-focused tech is heading to server farms;
  • Improved Raid Controllers; and
  • Automating configurations for faster deployment and support.

The two also discuss the security enhancements that PowerEdge servers bring to businesses, and how the support and service offerings in the market have been improved.

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