“I have to prove myself in Philadelphia”


Britain Covey isn’t exactly a household name — or face — in Philadelphia.

But he is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Lacking proper credentials, that fact didn’t help him secure the parking lot ahead of Monday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. The first-year Eagles punt returner says he showed up to park in the players’ field at Lincoln Financial Field before the game. But security didn’t recognize him, so he parked with the fans instead.

He explained the situation to Philadelphia sportswriter Howard Eskin on Wednesday. He wasn’t sorry.

“Throughout their fault, I got the practice squad pass,” Covey explained. “My teammates said to me ‘just tell them you’ve been promoted to the active roster, and they’ll let you in. “But I could tell they didn’t quite recognize me when I told them I was brought up.

“They said ‘look, you don’t have the pass for this.’ I said ‘I’m a player.’ They said ‘we’re sorry man.’ I totally understand where they’re coming from.”

The Eagles signed Covey this offseason as an undrafted rookie from Utah, where he was an All-Pac-12 punt returner. He started the season on the practice squad, but was elevated to the game day roster before Philadelphia’s Week 1 win over the Detroit Lions. He was brought up again for Monday’s home opener against the Vikings. He understands why security might not recognize him.

“I have to prove myself in Philadelphia before I deserve to be there,” Covey added.

Britain Covey isn’t exactly a household name in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Doug Murray)

So for his first home game in the NFL, he parked half a mile away and soaked up the tailgate scene before heading to work.

“I liked it,” Covey continued. “I had to park with the grinders about half a mile with the tailgates and drive through. I thought it was a blast, honestly. It’s kind of like college.”

He said some fans actually recognized him and were able to point him in the right direction. Photographic evidence supports his story.

Covey was able to work in time and he returned three punts for 14 yards in Philadelphia’s 24-7 win. He would like to play better next time, acknowledging he ‘didn’t play my best on Monday’.

But first on the agenda is getting access to parking. Guess he’ll find an easier time when the Eagles play the Jaguars at home on October 2.


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