How Courtland Sutton Developed Her Game


For cornerbacks, Sutton’s size is only a small part of what makes him difficult to cover.

From the days when he learned that being able to simply pass an opponent meant he could dominate a game at recess or under the Friday night lights, Sutton has developed his skills to incorporate more dexterous footwork to make him more than a simple deep receiver.

“He has a lot of challenges for opposing DBs with his size,” cornerback Pat Surtain II said. “He also has speed too. So he’s just a dynamic player who is strong, physical, can catch any ball 50-50. He’s just one of those special players in this team. “

During the Broncos’ summer training camp sessions, perhaps no player understood Sutton’s skills as well as Surtain and fellow starting cornerback Ronald Darby, who were often paired with Sutton in the lead. -headed. It provided some of the most entertaining battles as Russell Wilson worked on his deep throws.

“He’s got a good size, he can run, he can cut, he can catch – that’s the main thing – and he’s consistent,” Darby said. “Work hard. He likes a lot of his runs to be similar. He plays fast.”

But in the end, there’s perhaps no more formidable part of Sutton’s arsenal than when he’s able to use his size and athleticism in combination with one of Sutton’s famous deep balls. Wilson.

“He knows how to use it very well, especially when he is the backside X [receiver] on these head-to-head matchups,” Surtain says. “He knows how to use his body. He also has great body control once he’s in the air. He’s just a very dynamic receiver who can do anything.”

So far this season, everything is paying off. Heading into Week 6, Sutton is tied for sixth in receiving yards with 417, and he’s become a reliable target for Wilson as he settles into his first season with the Broncos in a new attack.

Just like he did as a kid, Sutton plays as big as he is – and maybe even bigger.


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