GymDogs regain confidence in the balance beam | Georgia Sports


At the start of this season, the balance beam proved to be a tough challenge for Georgia. Because several gymnasts fell into routines over several competitions, the balance beam became the key area for the GymDogs. On Friday, this focus paid off.

Georgia reversed its early season woes and posted a 49.275 on balance beam, the highest score of any event for the GymDogs.

“Wow, it’s the beam team. It’s going to be an amazing team. We just had to get that confidence,” said senior Rachel Baumann.

For Baumann, witnessing the improvement of this team came as no surprise. She saw the ability of this team in August and was thrilled that it finally surfaced during the competition.

“This year, I know in all of them that they know what this team is capable of and they know we haven’t reached that goal yet,” head coach Courtney Kupets Carter said. “What I saw from them is not deflation. I’ve seen them come to the gym more motivated and more focused to make sure they get the job done.

Confidence and motivation are two key factors that Baumann and Kupets Carter referred to in training and during competitions. There’s no doubt that this team has the skills and talent to excel, but tangible belief in their abilities has been questionable at times.

But achieving that confidence goes beyond just performing solid routines.

Something that always stands out about GymDogs performances is the passion they bring to every encounter and the excitement that pervades everyone involved on the team.

The GymDogs never fail to light up Stegeman when it comes to floor exercise time.

After the final rotation, it is on the floor that the personality of the gymnasts shines. As a team, Georgia comes alive and supports each other on the sidelines. This culture is what has made gymnastics a favorite among Georgian sports fans.

“Our team loves dancing sideways with their teammates, and every week I feel like I see a new move that’s been added or a new sound,” Kupets Carter said. “I like it. Seeing it shows how invested this team is.

The GymDogs’ commitment continues to show as the scores go up and the chemistry climbs with every encounter. This renewed confidence seeps into every aspect of a competition and defines what has become Georgia’s nationally recognizable hallmark of gymnastics.

From multiple gymnasts falling throughout their beam performances to achieving the highest score in this event, the GymDogs proved Friday night that their attention to detail pays off.

“It’s bound to come out in the competition, if you have that many [practice] the numbers behind you and you expect that to happen,” Baumann said, referring to his teammates’ feats on beam. “Tonight continues to build our confidence a little more.”


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