Give them the gold medal! Watch these backflip and Balance Beam robots in sync in a compelling video


Whether we are ready or not, it has become clear that robots and their roles in mainstream society are the way of the future.

From large companies that are already implementing the technology in warehouses, to others that are developing ways in which automated technology can help streamline operations and other hands-on work, it is impossible to deny that the advancements that the world of robotics has known are anything but impressive.

Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics company focused on robotic design that prioritizes “advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence,” whose video of a dancing robot went viral on Twitter last month .

On August 17, the company released a new video of two Atlas robots performing a Parkour course.

In the video, the robots are jumping, jumping, jumping, balancing on a balance beam, and even doing a flawless backflip.

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At one point in the run, when one of the bots was supposed to pump their fist into the air, they start to stumble a bit, blocking the Dynamics team and forcing them to work on another exchange. preprogrammed behavior for that part in the sequence.

“The perfectionism displayed here is admirable,” Calvin Hennick wrote in a blog post for Boston Dynamics. “It feels like that kind of attention to detail is what produced robots capable of performing such a futuristic and seemingly impossible routine.”

The decision to do a Parkour routine made sense to the Atlas team, as the activity allows the robots to have wide and varied movements and behaviors.

“I think that’s one of the joys of robotics, that we solve really tough problems, and with that comes the inevitable frustrations along the way,” says Scott Kuindersma, Atlas team leader at Boston Dynamics. “I find it hard to imagine a world 20 years from now where there aren’t capable mobile robots that move gracefully, reliably and work alongside humans to enrich our lives. But we’re still just around the corner. ‘in the early days of creating that future I hope demonstrations like this give a little glimpse of what’s possible.

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