‘Game of Thrones’ singer sues creators for $5 million


‘The iron Throne’ Stuntman Casey Michaels sued the makers for $5 million over the production injury.

According to reports, stuntwoman Casey Michaels is suing the creators of the HBO fantasy series ‘The iron Throne’, three years after the show’s final season ended in 2019, due to career-ending injuries sustained during production.

According to details, Michaels suffered a ‘serious dislocated fracture in his left ankle’ while filming footage for Episode 3 of the show’s eighth and final season in February 2018.

The incident happened when Michaels and 27 other stuntmen, dressed as Wights, were ordered down from the 12-foot-tall sloping roof, “as if unaware of the fall, in accordance with the zombie nature of the Wights”. ‘.

According to legal documents acquired by a foreign portal, all performers had to “descend in groups of four to five, falling onto a platform below, which was made up of cardboard boxes and mats.”

“By their nature, however, cardboard boxes are not durable and get damaged when each stuntman lands on the box platform and also when each stuntman climbs off the box platform after landing”, Michaels had alleged in his claim filed in January. 2021.

Additionally, in her claim worth $5 million, Michaels said she was the last to get off the edge and had “landed feet first” on the platform, sustaining severe injuries. wounds. She added that she had undergone several surgeries and intensive physiotherapy sessions over the past few years to treat the injuries, which led to trauma and depression.

“His range of motion and function have been reduced and Michaels can no longer ski, skydive, gymnastics or run and still struggles with basic tasks such as shopping, cooking and gardening,” they quoted. his doctors in the claim.

The show’s producers had denied the claims, however, saying the box platform was “durable and didn’t get compressed when a stuntman got down on the mattress and walked away”. In their defence, ‘Fire & Blood Productions’ also blamed the performer for not following instructions and instead sticking out ‘pencil-like’, in a ‘rigid, vertical manner’, which resulted in the fracture.



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