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Gabriella Demetriades’ Instagram profile is full of photos and videos from her workout routine. Needless to say, Gabriella’s gymnastics game is still relevant today. Whether it’s with home versions of her Pilates sessions or performing a workout routine to perfection, Gabriella never disappoints when it comes to being in the gym and doing her workout. favorite activity – working out.

Gabriella, in addition to being a sought-after model, is passionate about fitness. The model is often spotted in the gym absorbed in a workout routine. She is also a travel enthusiast and continues to share clips from her travels on her Instagram profile.

Gabriella had something of a high intensity training day on Tuesday. The actor shared a bunch of snippets fresh out of his gym and on his Instagram Stories. In one of the videos, Gabriella, dressed in her boxing gloves, can be seen throwing punches at a boxing pillow. Dressed in a black sports bra and black sports pants, Gabriella can be seen vigorously hitting the pillow and showing off her kickboxing skills.

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In the other video, we can see Gabriella making the pear tree to perfection. With her head and palms on the floor, she can be seen swinging her whole body upwards. Then, we can see her doing variations by doing the L-hold and stretching both her legs on both sides and forming a V-shape. Take a look at the snippets from her workout routine here:

Gabrfiella Demetriades Instagram stories. (Instagram / @ gabriellademetriades)

The workout routine, as performed by Gabriella in Instagram Stories, has multiple health benefits. Kickboxing helps improve overall body coordination and also helps burn off extra calories. Pear tree, on the other hand, helps strengthen the upper body, spine, abdominal muscles, and abdominal muscles. It helps activate the pituitary and pineal glands, stimulate digestion and improve the capacity of the lungs.

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