Bulls goalie Alex Caruso misses Pacers game with left wrist injury


Missing out on Alex Caruso’s ability to turn guys around was one thing.

But what was really missing in the absence of the keeper?

Just the chaotic energy he brings to the defensive end of the field for the Bulls.

That’s why coach Billy Donovan wasn’t exactly thrilled with the news he was handed just minutes before his pre-game media shoot, with medics ruling out Caruso with a bruised left wrist.

According to Donovan, with the game against the Pacers being the second in a row, Caruso didn’t have a shootout to test the injury, so he arrived at the United Center for the pre-match procedure and did everything. he could to try to prepare the wrist.

It failed.

“I don’t think so,” Donovan said, when asked if the injury was considered significant. “It’s basically a bruised wrist right now, and I think his mobility, his ability to do things has been really difficult for him. But at the moment, that doesn’t look like long term. I didn’t speak to the doctor, but they didn’t feel it would be long term. They’ll do x-rays, MRIs, all that stuff on him. ”

Caruso entered the starting lineup on the West Coast trip, with the Bulls shorthanded after losing Patrick Williams (wrist surgery) for the season and then Nikola Vucevic in health and safety protocols. It was also there that he injured his wrist for the first time.

Of course, Caruso tried to play through, then taking a charge on Sunday against the Knicks he hurt him again.

“It was something that persisted, and I think [Sunday] caused more problems for him, ” Donovan said.

With Caruso absent, it shifted the whole rotation up a notch. Coby White went into the starting lineup, while Troy Brown Jr. eventually made his return to the rotation.

Patchwork, however, for what Caruso brings to the floor.

Not only did Caruso lead the Bulls in interceptions with 2.2 per game, he was third in the NBA in that category. He also placed second in the league in deflections with 4.1 per game.

There was also Caruso’s bulldog mentality to protect any player he was asked to do. This included facing power forward Julius Randle in Sunday’s victory.

“I’m a little naive when it comes to basketball and what I’m capable of doing,” Caruso said of his defensive mindset. “Every time I have a matchup with a guy it just adds up the number of reps I get to keep him, the number of times I’ve seen them do what they love to do. It’s just me adding stuff to the memory bank, which allows me to better protect it. ”

Moving forward

There is still no definitive timeline for Vucevic’s return, but he was back in the arena for the Pacers game and had started cardiovascular analysis protocols earlier today.

All good signs, especially since the big man All-Star had missed the last seven games since testing positive for the coronavirus.

“He’s doing great,” Donovan said. “It was great to catch up with him. He was in the locker room at half-time [Sunday], then after the game. He was doing [the cardiovascular scans], and he was in the gym [Monday] morning to do some stuff, but again everything must be cleared by a doctor.

“Obviously, being away for 10 or 11 days and not feeling well, it will probably take a little while for him not only to catch his breath, but also to regain his rhythm.”

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