Bosse-Harrison High School basketball game stopped early due to fan fight


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – A fan brawl ended a high school basketball game in Evansville on Friday night.

The smash happened in the fourth quarter of a Bosse-Harrison game at Harrison High School’s gymnasium. No players from either team were involved.

Officials said the fight involved three fans under the age of 16. EVSC athletic director Andy Owen said at least two middle schoolers were involved. He didn’t know what class the third person was in.

Owen said there was no indication that weapons were present.

A city-county police dispatch center supervisor said “several” Evansville Police Department officers were dispatched to Harrison’s gymnasium at 8:37 p.m.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the fight, but there were no immediate reports of injuries. The Courrier & Presse left a message for a police department spokesperson asking for more information.

Bosse led 69-65 with 2:56 to play. The officials cleared the gymnasium and the teams went to their locker rooms.

Owen said the match would not resume and was declared a draw on Friday night. It could also be considered a no contest and would not count in the Southern Indiana Athletic Conference standings.

None of the coaches knew exactly what had happened.

“All I know is it was a great basketball game between two talented teams,” boss coach Shane Burkhart said. “Unfortunately, the idiots take over. It’s not a fair scenario for (Harrison) or for us the way the game ended. We have people who have nothing to do with anything (who) want to do something with it.

“I’m very proud of my kids and proud of Harrison’s kids. They got screwed and deserved to be recognized for that.”

Harrison’s trainer Nathan Fleenor echoed those statements. He called it “the best basketball game of the year”.

There were several lead changes in the second half with Harrison senior Jahni Summers and Bosse senior Matthew Wagner, in particular, having big games.

Fleenor said his first thought after the stoppage was player safety. Eventually, the gymnasium was emptied and the players left without further incident.

“It was a great basketball game with big play after big play,” Fleenor said. “I think it was going to have a nice finish too. Bosse-Harrison games always do. It’s a shame it got ruined. I’m proud of our kids, their kids, our coaches and their coaches .”


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