Audra challenges Greg to a game of Jazzminton Sport

Jazzminton Sport is a new game served nationally. Audra and Greg play a game on Carolina AM

Audra tests Greg’s tennis skills and pickleball experience at a game of Jazzminton.

Jazzminton Sport is a new nationally released game that combines the best of many other popular paddle and racquet sports. Jazzminton Sport is a creative and competitive paddle ball game that offers the same fun and excitement as tennis, badminton, pickle ball and even ping pong all at the same time… but with a new “holey” twist. The difference? No limit or short is needed – just a small gap. It can be played anywhere indoors or outdoors: garages, basements, hallways, living rooms — in gyms, parks, beaches, backyards and more. No other paddle or racquet sport removes these restrictions.

The patent pending Jazzminton Sport is portable, simple and quick to set up, taking only minutes to assemble. Jazzminton Sport is fun for all ages and skill levels. Can be played fast or slow, competitive or casual and offers the health benefits of improving lateral movement and hand-eye coordination.

Another unique aspect is that players hit a uniquely designed birdie through a rectangular hole opening in the elevated net. Innovative birdie technology adjusts its speed and distance to the strength of the shot, slowing down as they spin, making every shot within reach, allowing for long rallies and great practice. Players can birdie as hard as possible; the birdie was created so that it does not fly too far where it is out of reach. Even the hardest shots are playable.

Multiple nets can be set up in any large gymnasium or space so that dozens of players can compete one-on-one at the same time.

In the coming months, Funsparks LLC, the inventor and distributor of the Jazzminton line of products, will be hosting local, regional and national tournaments.

Event calendars will be set up so people can connect with other players in their area.

The product retails for $199.99 on Amazon and


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