Asleep at the wheel and against a beam


By Jim Clark

Last Sunday, police officers from Somerville were dispatched to an Assembly Row site to check on a man who may be asleep at the wheel.

The group in question was located at the intersection of Middlesex Ave. and Mystic Ave. in a white van, parked against a support beam for freeway signage. The vehicle was stuck against the post and there was damage to the front of the vehicle.

Officers approached the passenger compartment and spotted a man, later identified as Vando Soares DaSilva, sitting in the driver’s seat.

As DaSilva did not speak English, an interpreter was called to the scene to translate.

The officer pulled DaSilva out of the vehicle and noted that he was unsteady on his feet and had to hold on to the vehicle for balance. At one point, he reportedly leaned forward and grabbed the door frame to stand.

According to reports, officers could smell alcohol coming from DaSilva’s breath. They also noted that his eyes looked bloodshot and glassy, ​​and his speech sounded slurred.

Due to the smell of alcohol, unsteady feet, slurred speech and glassy bloodshot eyes, DaSilva was asked if he would perform roadside tests.

DaSilva, when asked, said he didn’t wear glasses or contacts. He had no injuries that would prevent him from performing balance or gait tests. He stated that he was not taking any type of medication.

DaSilva only did two tests because he had trouble following instructions. The first was a .089. The second was .175

DaSilva was handcuffed and told he was under arrest, then transported to the station in the prisoner transport vehicle and was sentenced in the usual way for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. alcohol and driving a motor vehicle without a licence.


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