Arceus Fan makes an amazing custom manual for the game


A Pokemon Legends Arceus fan creates a manual that lets players learn about the game’s characters, story, and starting Pokemon.

pokemon legends arceus box art

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been out for a few weeks now and a creative artist has decided to create a custom manual that reveals a lot of information about the game.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the most recent Pokemon title developed by Game Freak. Located in the Hisui area, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a prequel to Pokémon Diamond and pearl. Pokemon Legends: Arceus changed the formula compared to other mainlines games in the series, as players focus more on exploring and learning Pokemon rather than just catching and training them in order to battle Gym Leaders and the Elite Four.


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A Pokemon Legends: Arceus player, a Reddit user named RowanFN1, created his own instruction manual, which other fans loved. The content of this tailor-made Pokemon Legends: Arceus Instruction Manual are as follows: Story, Commands, First Partner Pokémon, Items, Map, Pokémon Alpha, Time Warps, Trades and Lost Items, Requests, Characters, Progression, and Notes. With so much information about Pokemon Legends: Arceus being included in the RowanFN1 manual, newcomers to the game could learn a lot.

RowanFN1 posted some of the pages inside the Pokemon Legends: Arceus manual with its beautiful cover and contents. Fans can learn more about Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott, Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ three starters, in First Pokemon Partner. RowanFN1 also used its manual to teach players how to trade with each other and earn rewards throughout the game. In the last two pages of the manual, Pokemon Legends: Arceus players can also keep track of what they’ve accomplished and what they still need to do with the Progress and Notes sections.

Many fans have let RowanFN1 know how much they love the instruction manual and that they would believe it was official if they didn’t know better. Some of them even expressed interest in buying the instruction manual, so RowanFN1 announced that they were on sale through Etsy. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not the first game for which RowanFN1 has created an instruction manual. Their other manuals can also be found on Etsy.

Since instruction manuals aren’t included with video games anymore, it’s great that RowanFN1 has created its own for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In the past, gamers waited anxiously to see what was in the instruction manual of a game they bought, and it was disappointing when they stopped being made. Artists like RowanFN1 have used their creative talents to create instruction manuals, which are just as beautiful as the official ones that were made before.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch.

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