A Pokemon Legends Gen 5 game would make a lot of sense


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is so successful that a sequel is likely to happen, and its setting could very well be Gen 5’s Unova for many reasons.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus took fans of the series by storm with its unique gameplay loop, open-world elements, and the way players can interact with Pokemon. There is no doubt that Pokemon Legends: Arceus revolutionizes the tested formula of the series, and given how well the game has been received, it’s likely that players will see more of this style in the future. There are rumors about Pokemon Legends: Arceus get DLC, possibly including new Pokemon or areas and endgame content to look forward to after the hype for the Shiny Hunt dies down.


Despite the fact that there are loads of interesting stories and traditions in the Pokemon universe, Sinnoh (and therefore Hisui) was the perfect region for a Pokemon Legends game because Arceus is a divine figure who created the known universe. However, another fantastic setting for a similar game is the Unova region of Pokemon Black and White, mainly thanks to two specific elements: the so-called Original Dragon and the Heroes of Truth and Ideals. As for Gen 5’s story, there were once two twins who couldn’t decide whether to pursue truth or ideals, and they shared a Dragon Pokemon that eventually split into two separate beings. : Zekrom and Reshiram.

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Possible tips for a Pokemon Legends game set in Unova

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The stories of the original dragon and the heroes of truth and ideals are key to the main plot of Pokemon Black and White, and the sequels eventually added theories about Kyurem – a third Dragon Pokémon. Kyurem is said to come from the residual energy of Zekrom and Reshiram splitting into two separate entities. Players can merge this creature with the mascot of Pokemon Black and Whitecreating either Black Kyurem or White Kyurem, but never bringing the three together.

Have a Pokemon Legends: ArceusA game similar to the one set in Unova’s past and exploring both the legend of the original dragon and the heroes of truth and ideals would be interesting. Furthermore, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has several Gen 5 references for players to find, of one of the Guardians being Ingo from Pokemon Black and White‘s Battle Subway to an Alder painting in the Diamond and Pearl clan houses. Because Ingo appears to have appeared from a space-time rift as the main character, but with no memory of his past life, he is believed to be a “faller” – someone like Looker, the detective traveling through the time with memory problems.

Alder is the biggest mystery though, and it’s possible the character traveled back in time on his endless journeys. On top of that, one of the Guardians of the Pearl Clan is part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ group of ancestors, in this case the ancestor of Noir and White Clay gym leader. Whether these are hints about the future of the series or innocuous additions to spice up Hisui’s story remains to be seen, but it’s not impossible that a Pokemon Legends game set at Unova could be in the works.

See how Pokémon Diamond and pearl had remakes in November 2021 before Pokemon Legends: Arceus released in January, it would make sense for Gen 5 remakes to follow the same pattern. This should be taken with a grain of salt as it’s pure speculation at this point, but the clues are there, and they could form a pattern if Game Freak holds its own. However, Gen 9 is most likely coming before the Gen 5 remakes or some other Pokemon Legends game, potentially as early as this year.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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