A Pokemon fan puts together an updated version of the Pokemon Unify tabletop game that took over 30 hours to play


The Pokemon The franchise is by far one of the most popular properties in the world, with fans around the world who can instantly recognize almost every aspect of the series. The pocket monster franchise is also an avenue for creativity, where fans have shown off a variety of creations ranging from Pokemon cross art to animations and toys. There’s no stopping Pokemon fans when it comes to fan-created artwork, as there are plenty of ways to show appreciation for the series.


A less common form of player-created content is a Pokemon Table board game. There have certainly been attempts to produce a board game version of the franchise, like Pokémon Master Trainer in the early 2000s or even more recently, Pokemon Battle Academyalthough this game uses the Pokemon trading card game mechanical. One fan, however, makes a board game more in line with the mainline Pokemon games, they call Pokemon Unify.

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This Pokemon– The themed passion project was created by Reddit user BZNintendo, who posted their latest iteration of Pokemon Unify on the r/pokemon subreddit. They describe the game as being a unification of the main games and Pokemon TCG, where it features a number of elements that fans can expect. This includes capturing Pokemon, trading, battling, specific Pokemon encounters, and even Gym Battles.

The amount of content in the game is staggering, where multiple players become trainers and build their Pokemon teams. From there, it becomes a race to collect eight gym badges and defeat the Elite Four. The map available in this iteration is of the entire Kanto region, and according to several playtests among the user’s friends, the game took around 20-30 hours to complete. It took them more than six months to design and make the entire tabletop game, including its board, cards, and other aspects.

BZNintendo notes up front that due to the fact that this is an unlicensed tabletop game, they could not pitch this project to Kickstarter for this tabletop game to be created in an official capacity. Even contacting The Pokemon Company itself failed, with the company turning down an offer to collaborate. They also state that there are no plans to reskin or change any aspect of the game to replace the Pokemon aspect of it, as they say, is firmly a passion project. On the bright side, BZNintendo shares that it’s possible to host it on a tabletop simulator or create a DIY version that fans can make themselves.

If fans want to follow the development of the tabletop game, BZNintendo has a dedicated subreddit for Pokemon Unify.

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