2022 US Nationals – Women’s Day 2 Live Blog – The Balance Beam Situation


It’s almost finished! The culmination of the event, the second day of women’s competition, is there. It’s a bit of a stretch to expect a day of the same quality (for top athletes) as Friday, but it could happen.

Currently, Shilese Jones has an 8 tenths lead over Konnor McClain and a 1.050 lead over Jordan Chiles, who is a few tenths ahead of Kayla DiCello, who in turn is a few tenths ahead of Jade Carey. .

As for Leanne Wong, she is on the initial start list for bars and beam, which she competed on the first day before her injury. Her bars warm-up was definitely mixed, but she did the best Bhardwaj I’ve seen from her this year. And she works 2.5 outs on beam.

Breaking: So far, Brandon Wynn has done sideline karate and t-shirt gun karate.

Rotate 1

We have a great routine to start, with Jones opening up the beam rotation.

In the warm up, Chiles did a double pike off the beam and ran so far she nearly left the podium. Cecile’s reaction:

Jones – BB – Arabian is solid – side aerial to loso, huge break and falls – front tuck is hit – pass to sissone, nice – side split jump 12 is done well with the splits after 1/2 turn – bhs bhs double pike, a little short, not forward.

Well, all of this couldn’t last from day one. An opening for McClain now.

Roberson hits 1/2 on the full layout, landing short with a back lunge. 13,800

Mueller – UB – toe over full toe to maloney, legs – to stalder 1/2, a little loose back, connects to yezhova – stalder shap to tkatchev, connected – double front, step forward. 13.900 is a big bar score for her.

Just 12,450 for Jones.

Pierson hits Y1.5 with a step to the side, a bit of a knee bend everywhere.

Carey – BB – bhs loso loso, very solid – side aerial, check, breaks connection in split and straddle – aerial, pause before switching to switch 1/2, leg swing – side switch – split jump 1 /2 from the side, short split – bhs bhs double pike, step back. Overall solid. 13,300

McClain – VT – DTY, good height, rebound. 14.350

DiCello-UB-full toe sralder, breaks connection-now does maloney to clear hip-high church-piked jaeger-pak-van leeuwen-FTDT, blocked landing. No major skill errors, but broke a few intended connections in there. 13,500. She went 14.100 on day 1.

Jong finishes FX with a double pike, rebounds. 13,000

14,300 for Blakely’s DTY.

Zeiss – UB – full toe, some legs in pak, high – maloney to gienger, close grip, a little low – yezhova, some separation elg – van leeuwen, feet apart – FTDT, just a small step to the side. 13,800

Chiles – BB – series bhs loso loso, straight, a few feet – aerial to straddle bhs, comfortable – full turn, very slightly overturned – side somi, secure – switch to sissone – side aerial, secure – switch sides, maybe a little tight – double pike, small jump forward. Excellent routine. 13.450

Matthews – BB – bhs mount, well saved, she came in offline, check – side antenna to loose, leaning to the side – split to wolf jump – wolf double – switch to switch 1/2, maybe short on switch 1/ 2 – aerail, keep arms moving to connect split to bhs – double tuck, step back. Nice one after a few bigger mistakes to start with.

McClain edged Jones by 1.100 after the first rotation with a successful jump to Jones’ fall on balance beam. Blakely also passed 5th ahead of Carey.

Rotate 2

Mueller on his beam mount. Hold on to her loso airy side with a few arm waves.

Pierson takes down the bars with an FTDT, chest down, step

Carey is held for HOURS on the ground to begin this rotation. Like the other events are basically already done.

Alipio – UB – oe 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – pak, wide straddle – full toe – van leeuwen, lots of legs – double tuck, step back

Carey – FX – DLO 1/1, some early legs, small jump – front loso to FTDT, small slide – full switch, around – double double, shorter landings, forward jump – full split jump – double pike, little slip. A few landing errors, nothing too huge, will be a big score. 13,850

McClain – UB – weiler 1/2 to stalder full to stalder shap, good – toe full, a little late – Church to Pak, connected, legs apart – van leeuwen, a little tucking – double pike, poof. Many more connections than the first day. 14.050

DiCello – BB – Candle Mount, good – Wolf Triple, very strong – Side Aerial, small lean – Aerial to Split Jump – Swtich to sissone – BHS los Loso, very strong, secure – Switch 1/2 – Double Tuck is short with a jump forward. Great on the beam. 13,550

McClain’s bars score is a big improvement from day one.

Blakely – UB – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, not the highest but hit – Ricna to pak, only a little leg break – full toe, a little late – van leeuwen, kick – higgins to double in front, small step . 13,900

Chilis – FX – 1.5 up to FTDT, strong, small slide – DLO, good height, medium bounce – doubel wolf, hit – L full jump to split 1.5, pull around ish, some feet – switch sides 1/2, little hop – forward up double tuck, chest down with a split. Good. 13,900

Jung-Ruivivar – BB – good loso mount – double wolf, small lean – aerial side to loso, lean – switch to split jump. connected – aerial, short break – 1.5, step forward. 13.100

Jones – FX – double double tuck, solid, small movement – ​​double L turn, good completion – big full jump – DLO, secure landing – front tuck up to double tuck, shuffle back, one chest position – l hop full to switch 1/ 2 – Great job.

14.250 is a .150 improvement from day one.

That means McClain’s lead in the AA will be .900 going into the third rotation.

Chiles, DiCello and Blakely remain 3-4-5. Carey is 6th but will likely progress after the jump.

Rotate 3

Shilese tries to do the Lion King cam with Jordan.

Alipio – BB – mount loso – check – side antenna to loso loso, right on – aerial, strike – double wolf turn, slight tilt – switch to go 1/2 to split jump, well connected – side somi, hit – gainer tuck full , blocked. Really good.

Chiles – VT – DTY – great height, shows solid control on landing, small jump in place. 14,300

Rosen lands short on his DLO opening on the ground, jump forward –

McClain – BB – back tuck full, leg way up but it – bhs bhs layout, another leg up check but not too wide – swtich to switch 1/2, good positions, small break between – aerail to split – straddle – aerial side ,. hold – switch, don’t ring stance, repeat skill – bhs bhs double pike, small step back. 14.100

Carey kicks his Cheng open, crazy legs, not a big back slide. 14,650

I missed DiCello’s opener during these things, but the second pass is 1.5 full front, solid – switch ring – split jump full, comfortable – double tuck, kinda short, poof. 13,650

Jones went 14,500 for his DTY.

Wong – UB – Jaeger, good – full toe to bhardwaj, little leg break but good – maloney to pak, clean – van leeuwen, clean – good handstand positions – DLO, stuck landing. No problems there.

Blakely – BB – wolf triple is nice – back tuck full, leg up check, hold on – fhs to front tuck, arm wave correction – switch, pause into switch 1/2, secure elements – aerarail to split to straddle, right on – side aerial, step back – double tuck, looks like her feet got caught under her on landing with a few steps back to stay upright. 12,950

Fatta ends Ub with a nice DLO.

14,250 for Wong on bars.

Jong – UB – stalder full, very late and twisted – stalder shap to pak, leg separatipon – van leeuwen, another fairly wide leg break – inbar to inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, caught – FTDT, hop forward.

Roberson – BB – mount loso to bhs, big break, leg up, stay on – full back tuck, drops – onodi, control – straddle jump to 1/2 tuck jump – switch sides – full split jump, watched about 3 /4 around – side antenna towards the loso the loso is very safe – double pike, short, forward lunge

Mueller – FX – popa, good height – 2.5 in front, good stick – 1.5 in full front, also secure – 1/2 switch – double wolf, moves – double tuck, jump back. Good.

Pierson – BB – side aerial, lean fix – bhs loso loso, lift leg check, wide step – pass to sissone – full turn check – aerial, pre split jump check – side somi, secure – 2.5 dismount east went a bit to the side, a few steps back to back it up.

Rotate 4

So before the last event, McClain will have .500 on Jones. On day one, Jones on bars edged McClain on floor by .950.

Chiles remains third, Carey passes 4th, leaving DiCello 5th and Blakely 6th.


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