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WARNING: Major SPOILERS for Horizon Forbidden West discussed in this article.

When released on February 28, 2022, the gigantic single-player open-world video game Forbidden Horizon West continues to gain momentum among avid and casual gamers. The story continues Aloy’s epic quest to save humanity from global extinction, traversing a vast post-apocalyptic western United States to complete a series of missions.

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The cinematic nature of the game creates a series of important monologues, jokes, quotes and dialogues that move the plot forward while revealing something about the main characters. Whether it’s Aloy, Varl, Reglla, or others, the most memorable quotes stand out for a reason.



“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to save this world. No depths I won’t explore, no secrets I won’t unlock, no barriers I won’t cross. This mission is mine alone.”

Aloy stands in a meadow at Horizon Forbidden West

In a badass mission statement that immediately establishes who’s boss and what his goals are clear at the start of the content-rich open-world game, Aloy’s heartfelt vow to do everything in power and leave no stone unturned in his quest to deliver the galaxy from evil couldn’t be more relevant to the game’s plot or themes.

Aloy ends the quote by adding, “If I falter, I fail, there won’t be anyone left to stop what’s happening,” which reinforces Aloy’s heroic responsibilities before embarking on her first mission.


“It’s not about the distant hope of creating a new world. It’s about preserving the one we have.”

Aloy wears a gold crown in Horizon Forbidden West

One aspect of Aloy’s personality that allows her to triumph time and time again is her solid logic and pragmatic outlook. Upon learning of Nemesis’ plot to colonize a distant planet and let Earth be destroyed, Aloy grasps the immoral implications of such and such and roundly rebukes him in the quote.

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Rather, Aloy is far more dedicated to improving life on Earth as they know it rather than abandoning humanity and allowing the Far Zenith to expand their intergalactic rule. Aloy is not only a brave heroine, she is also morally righteous.


“I guess you could say he gave his life to help us reach the secrets of Thebes.”

Aloy meets Alva in Horizon Forbidden West

Alva is a brand new character from the famous open-world game who assists Aloy in her various quests. During Faro’s Tomb, Alva makes an incisive observation as a diviner who sheds new light on Ted Faro’s secret bunker, Thebes, causing Aloy to rethink the entire quest.

Faro has long been seen as a selfish villain who locked himself in a secret bunker, but after his statue falls and crushes Ceo, Alva moves the plot forward by speaking the line and encouraging Aloy to keep searching for Thebes. . After realizing Faro’s true intention, Aloy advances through Thebes to retrieve Faro’s Omega clearance and complete the quest.


“First I rebuild GAIA, save life on Earth, then I hunt you down and end yours!”

Aloy shoots an arrow in Horizon Forbidden West

In one of Aloy’s most assertive and downright threatening quotes that proves how laser-focused she is on her mission and how dangerous she can be when someone gets in her way, she berates Sylens (Lance Riddick) for his dastardly scheme with HADES in zero dawn.

Saving life on Earth while ending the lives of the most evil villains is the absolute backbone of Aloy’s mantra, swearing to protect innocence and punish the guilty with equal compassion and dedication.


“I’ll give you the death you didn’t have the backbone to give me.”

Regalla stands by a tree in Horizon Forbidden West

Voiced by badass Angela Bassett, Regalla is the toughest boss to beat in the highly anticipated PS5 game. The proud rebel leader and expert warrior challenges Aloy to a grueling duel in the penultimate Wings of the 10 quest, uttering this extremely sinister line to Hekkaro before the battle begins.

Once Regalla threatens the Chief’s life with such brazen insolence, Aloy is forced to defend her honor as well as her own and finds herself in a brutal 10-minute war of attrition.


“I just need to bury her for a while, Aloy. But only for a while.

Varl and Aloy meet at the Horizon Forbidden West base.

The iconic Varl returns from zero dawn and immediately makes its presence felt in west forbidden. Still reeling from the loss of Rost, Varl tries to keep his emotions in check and prevents his sense of deep loss and grief from distracting from his missions.

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Aloy also tries to avoid expressing her pain at losing Rost, but in a frankly intimate moment with Varl at the base, the latter finds the strength to bring up the subject, expresses the need to forget the pain, but only temporarily. Varl knows Rost’s enduring memory outweighs the pain.


“I’ll protect you. As soon as we get Hephaestus, we’ll come right back here. The Zeniths won’t find us.”

Aloy stands in the desert in Horizon Forbidden West

One of the game’s most shocking revelations comes when Aloy finds out she’s a clone of Dr. Elisbet Sobeck. Beta, another Sobeck clone, appears in-game as a creation of Far Zenith, whom Aloy rightly views as a serious threat.

Alas, in one of the most heartfelt monologues that prove Aloy has Beta’s back and no longer sees her as an existential threat, Aloy risks her life to save her twin clone by acting heroically brave again.


“The Seal was an authorized egotist who turned our beliefs into a sickening selfish fantasy.”

Bohai opens the door to Thebes in Horizon Forbidden West

And the award for most melodious and linguistically pleasing quote goes to Bohai, the spiritual guardian of Faro who fills Aloy in on the fateful history of Thebes. He delivers the line with the requisite gravity and disgust, which Aloy is careful about.

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To be fair, the quote is from a fairly minor character and therefore doesn’t advance the plot much, but the way it’s verbal gymnastics with which the voice actor spells out the line is too memorable to pass up.


“Goodbye, Varl. I promise to take care of them.”

Aloy stands in a room at Horizon Forbidden West

The death of beloved Varl in west forbidden shakes players to the core just like Zo, Aloy, and other key allies. In an emotionally charged moment that is sure to draw a tear to most who hear it, Aloy bids a heartfelt farewell to her fallen brothers that is both tender and strong.

After saying goodbye to him, Aloy assures that this is not the end of Varl’s legacy, renouncing her own sense of personal closure by promising to protect Varl’s friends and family members. A true friend and honorable ally, Aloy reinforces her underlying humanity in the quote.


“No, no, no, no. I’m not wearing that!”

Aloy wears green armor in Horizon Forbidden West

For a dark post-apocalyptic game about the potential end of humanity, west forbidden offers very few moments of lightness yet essential. One of the funniest quotes in the game comes when Aloy, seemingly willing to wear any outfit under the sun (as seen in her Top 10 Outfits), outright refuses to wear any odd item of clothing before entering. in Thebes.

While it might sound less impressive on paper, the way actress Ashley Burch delivers the line with such out-of-place humor comes across as a real laugh.

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